Consultancy Services

There a many ways in which tCORE Consultancy Services can help organisations with short to medium term challenges.

Nowadays organisations have little choice but to run staffing levels as thinly as possible, and most of the time most of your key staff will already be working at close to capacity.

That means when new opportunities arise, such as the chance to make a new bid for research or development funding, there is simply not the available resource to make a terrific job of it.

Competition for this kind of funding means that unless you are able to make a terrific job of preparing your proposal or your bid, then your chances of winning it will be extremely slim.

tCORE can work with your in-house team to quickly grasp the nature of the challenges and the opportunities they present.   We can match this to proposal calls, we can search and locate potential partners, we can help you create a winning proposal.

It doesn't stop there. Administering large collaborative research programmes and dealing with European bureaucracy is a very time consuming business especially if your staff are not accustomed to doing it. We have considerable experience in dealing with Framework programmes and we can take over the task on your behalf or just help you out when you need it.

We can also provide technical consultancy in a number of fields.