In today's rapidly developing electronics technologies, there is a need for a multidisciplinary approach to the solution of major challenges. Our role as coordinators of networks of excellence is to facilitate and encourage the interaction of disparate expertise in a variety of technical fields in both industrial and academic environments and thus promote the development of new synergies that will bring about efficient solutions to ever more complex problems.

We currently coordinate SETNET, the Semiconductor Test Network and have coordinated E3NET, the Electronics for Extreme Environments Network, Silicon Futures. a network of leading UK universities involved in semiconductor research, and HITEN, the High Temperature Electronics Network.

In this role we develop and maintain the network websites, develop resources for the network members, organise meeting and conferences, and provide a centre for network management and points of contact..

We have organised a number of 3 day postgraduate research conferences in Electronics, Photonics, Computing Science, Communications & Networks.

These are PREP 2003, PREP 2004 and PREP 2005.

We have also been involved in several major interdisciplinary research and development programmes.